The 14th MINEX Kazakhstan Mining and Exploration Forum

17 - 18 April 2024, Radisson Astana


The Forum has been held annually
in Kazakhstan since 2010

Providing an open platform for business interactions with the participation of heads of ministries, international organizations, Kazakh and foreign mining companies, technology and consulting companies, banks, exchanges, institutional and private investors, universities and industry associations. Notably, over 80% of the attendees hold influential positions, such as directors, board members, or executive management, playing a pivotal role in strategic decision-making. 

The forthcoming April forum anticipates over 100 speakers and approximately 400 attendees from Kazakhstan and countries across Europe, North and Latin America, South Africa, Australia, China, India, Mongolia, Malaysia, and New Zealand. This year’s event is poised to witness a record influx of foreign investors keen on exploring and developing precious metals, copper, coal, lithium, uranium, as well as rare and rare-earth metal deposits, marking a historic milestone for the Forum.


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What to expect at

MINEX Kazakhstan 2024?

MINEX Kazakhstan 2024, a prominent industry event in Central Asia, is set to focus on the theme of “Sustainable development of the mining industry for the benefit of society and the environment”. This aligns with the current priorities and trends within Kazakhstan.  

The Forum is expected to host a comprehensive program of events specifically tailored to foster sustainable practices in the mining and metallurgical sectors. Attendees can anticipate in-depth discussions and presentations that address key aspects of sustainable development in these industries, reflecting Kazakhstan’s commitment to environmentally responsible and socially beneficial practices in its mining sector. 

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What's new at the forum?

The upcoming forum promises an enhanced experience with several notable updates:

Venue Modernisation 

Conference Centre at Radisson Astana Hotel: The traditional venue for the forum, the Radisson Astana Hotel’s conference centre, is currently undergoing a significant renovation. 

Renovated Interiors: The hall and hotel room renovations are set to add a contemporary and refreshed style to the venue. These renovations are set to infuse a modern and refreshing style into the venue, aligning with themes of growth and innovation. The updated interiors aim to create an environment that is both invigorating and conducive to new opportunities. 

Expanded Exhibition Space 

Increased Exhibition Area: The space allocated for the exhibition halls has been expanded to accommodate more exhibits and attendees. 

New Locations for Exhibits: In addition to the existing foyer area, the exhibition will now also occupy the main banquet hall, Sara Arka 1. 

Enhanced Presentation Facilities: A new presentation platform, complete with a stage, screen, sound system, and lectern, will be created in the hall to conduct Business Track open events. 

These updates are expected to significantly elevate the overall experience of the forum, offering attendees a more dynamic and engaging environment. 

New Themes and Formats

The forum is set to introduce an array of new topics and formats, broadening the scope of discussion and the range of participants and experts involved:

Kazcontent 2.0 and introduction of international standards

The forum will initiate discussions on the advancement of the mining and metallurgical industry, highlighting the Kazakh government’s “Kazcontent 2.0” initiative. This initiative focuses on boosting local production capabilities. Particular attention will be paid to attracting foreign direct investment and adapting to international CRIRSCO (KAZRC) standards. 

Water and Climate Change Management  

Key issues related to water resource management and the adoption of optimal practices and technologies for developing water systems in mining will be addressed, reflecting the growing importance of environmental sustainability in the industry. 

DigiTech’24 Conference 

Formerly known as Mining Goes Digital, this conference has evolved into DigiTech event, emphasising digitalisation and technological advancement. It will showcase companies with innovative technologies in mining, from geological exploration to ore processing.  

Innovative Collaboration 

The forum will explore new strategies for enhancing competencies and human resources in mining, considering the industry’s shift towards long-term partnerships, off-take contracts, and strategic agreements.  

Round Table on Cross-Border Cooperation in Central Asia.  

The Round Table on Cross-Border Cooperation in Central Asia, scheduled to be held in Astana, forms an integral part of the 10th MINEX Central Asia Mining and Exploration Forum. This round table aims to address several crucial aspects: 

Expanding Geological Cooperation: Focus will be on identifying and discussing promising areas for the geological exploration of mineral deposits and potential opportunities for cross-border prospecting programmes.  

Joint Solutions for Climate Change and Water Resources: A pivotal discussion will revolve around collective strategies for tackling climate change and ensuring sustainable water resource management for mining enterprises. 

Developing Alternative Energy Sources: Exploring the potential for the development of alternative energy sources will be a key agenda, aligning with the global shift towards sustainable energy solutions. 

Attracting Foreign Direct Investment: Strategies to attract foreign investments, essential for the construction of industrial clusters and hubs in the region, will be deliberated. 

Building Supply Chains for Critical Raw Materials: The round table will also explore ways to develop and enhance supply chains for the efficient and effective distribution of ores and metals to global commodity markets. 

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  • Reports on Kazakhstani and international companies operating in the mining sector. 
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Interesting facts

about the mining industry in Kazakhstan

  • Kazakhstan is the world’s largest producer of uranium (33% of global production in 2021) and also has significant reserves of coal, gold and manganese. Kazakhstan also ranks third in the world in titanium production, seventh in zinc, eighth in lead, eighth in the world in iron ore reserves, and eleventh in gold.
  • About 80% of all mining products are exported to more than thirty countries around the world, accounting for 20% of total exports and 30% of the country’s annual income.
  • The share of the mining industry in total GDP in 2021 was 17%, and exports – 16%. Mining and metallurgical enterprises employed more than 273,000 people in 2021. Currently, the share of the mining and metallurgical sector in the national GDP is 8.5%.
  • In 2022, the volume of foreign direct investment in Kazakhstan amounted to $28 billion, a record over the past 10 years level. Investments were made  primarily in the mining and metallurgical complex, manufacturing, trade, transport and the financial sector.
  • There are about 8,000 different solid mineral and hydrocarbon deposits in the national registry. Over the past thirty years, more than 200 deposits of non-ferrous, precious and ferrous metals have been discovered. Despite this, mineral exploration in Kazakhstan over the past 30 years has been limited compared to the country’s potential.
  • Most of the mines currently in operation were discovered during the Soviet era. Some mines still use technologies and management methods that date back to those times. The lack of new deposits and investment since independence in 1991 has hampered the development of the mining sector.
  • Kazakhstan does not have its own mining equipment and engineering manufacturing. More than half of Kazakhstan’s mining and processing and metallurgical enterprises currently use obsolete equipment that often needs to be repaired.   

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