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Totel Instruments LLP is the official distributor of the following IMDEX brands:

REFLEX – Drilling faster, smarter and knowing your rocks in real-time.

Market leading REFLEX technologies enable drilling contractors and resource companies to drill faster and smarter, obtain accurate subsurface data and receive real-time information for critical decision making. The brand’s comprehensive portfolio includes:

Drilling productivity and rig alignment technologies
Data collection and paperless reporting software
Secure cloud-based services
Real-time subsurface visualisation
Interpretive software for geological data
Downhole survey sensors
Core orientation and gamma logging technologies
AMC – Complete control of our supply chain – from in-house development to on-site delivery.

At AMC we develop, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of quality drilling fluids and specialty products to mining, water well, HDD, CBM, civil construction and tunnelling industries worldwide. These products are complemented by our integrated range of equipment, which is designed to optimise our clients’ drilling operations and reduce environmental impact.

We are committed to providing an unrivalled level of support with our flexible approach, ability to respond quickly to client-specific needs and extensive global distribution network.