Alexander Simakov


Chief geophysicist, UAS division
Radar mms

1999 - 2005 - Saint Petersburg State University (Physical Faculty), Master of Physics degree (Earth sciences).
2005-2016 – research fellow in the Institute of Earth sciences (Saint Petersburg State University). The main topic of research - development of geophysical equipment (radiomagnetotellurics and its controlled-source variations, controlled-source electromagnetics) and its usage techniques in various geological applications.
2016-2020 - chief geophysicist in several companies specializing both in geophysical prospecting and the development of modern equipment.
From 2020 - chief geophysicist in "Radar mms" (UAS division).
Author of a number research papers.
Areas of interest: ground geophysics, geophysical prospecting, UAS geophysics.

Pitch track 4 (Trade Show)
18 April 2024 / 09:00 - 11:00 | Sary Arka 1

Potential field measurement techniques using unmanned aerial systems

The topic of the presentation is an overview of modern approaches in geophysical surveying using unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Active UAS development during recent decades has led to the increasing of their payload, thus, enabling their application for geophysical prospecting. Unmanned technologies allow service companies to decrease survey expenses by partial replacement of conventional ground and aerial surveying. Characteristics of both unmanned vehicles and new UAS-based geophysical systems, developed by Radar-mms, is given in The presentation contains examples of survey results obtained by both rotary- and fixed-wing UAVs as well as their technical features and survey methodology.