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IT Solutions

Russian developer providing high-tech solutions for automating the work of mining enterprises.

The solutions being developed help increase production and payload, extend equipment life and improve safety - all while reducing costs and downtime:

DrillManager – automated drilling and blasting management system;

BlastManager – automated control system for mixing and charging machines;

PitManager – automation of the process equipment control system;

ShovelManager – high-precision automation and leveling system for excavators and loaders;

DozerManager – high-precision automation and leveling system for bulldozers and graders;

StaffManager – automation of work and management of mobile personnel.

DrillAutomation - robotization system for drilling rigs

DrillGeo — Automation system for geological exploration drilling

BlasterTape - Device for measuring well parameters

RIT Automation solutions meet modern standards, have all the necessary functionality and have wide possibilities for adaptation to the individual needs of customers.