Britt Bluemel


Global BD Manager
ALS GoldSpot Discoveries

Britt Bluemel is the Global Business Development Manager for ALS GoldSpot Discoveries, and she has a unique blend of expertise in the intersection of the fields of geology and data science. With a career marked by innovation and collaboration, she has been instrumental in driving growth and strategic direction within multinational corporations. Her dedication to integrating data science principles into geoscience research has contributed to advancements in optimization and efficiencies across the mining value chain. Through her leadership and commitment to excellence, Britt continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the integration of geoscience data streams underpinned by data science efficiencies, to drive industry progress and foster interdisciplinary collaboration.

DigiTech’24 Conference (Session 3)
18 April 2024 / 14:00 - 15:30 | Sary Arka 3

Applications of ML and AI to the Mining Value Chain - how to streamline and add efficiencies to your exploration workflows and mining processes

The mining industry, characterized by its complexity and extensive operational processes, stands at the forefront of technological innovation. Over the past decade, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has revolutionized various facets of the mining value chain, from exploration and resource estimation to production optimization. This presentation will showcase a few high level case studies, highlighting various diverse applications of AI and ML across the mining value chain.

Beginning with exploration, AI and ML algorithms have facilitated the analysis of geological, geochemical, and geophysical data, enabling more accurate identification of mineral deposits and reducing exploration risks. Subsequently, these technologies have been instrumental in resource estimation, employing predictive modeling and pattern recognition to enhance the precision of mineral reserve assessments.

In the realm of production, AI-driven systems have streamlined operations through predictive maintenance, optimizing equipment performance and minimizing downtime. Furthermore, ML algorithms have empowered real-time decision-making by analyzing vast datasets from sensors and IoT devices, thereby improving efficiency and productivity across mining operations.

The integration of AI and ML technologies across the mining value chain holds immense promise for enhancing operational efficiency, safety, and sustainability. However, challenges such as data quality, regulatory compliance, and workforce readiness must be addressed to realize the full potential of these innovations. By embracing a collaborative approach and fostering technological literacy within the industry, mining companies can leverage AI and ML to navigate the evolving landscape and achieve long-term success.