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K-MINE Group is a leading developer of integrated software solutions for the mining industry based on the K-MINE Geographical Information System. 

30 years on the market of IT solutions for mining. 

Over 1000 partners worldwide.  

Over 7500 transferred K-MINE software licenses. 

Being an up-to-date software system, K-MINE covers all stages of mining operations. It solves tasks from three-dimensional modeling of deposits and evaluation of their reserves through planning to mining management and production quality indicators at enterprises with opencast and underground methods. K-MINE includes a variety of new-generation modules working both independently and as an integrated mining control system. 

Our customers prefer K-MINE innovations to increase productivity and profits, as well as help them make optimal management decisions and efficiently organize remote work.  

Today, K-MINE is used in the mining industry, industrial safety, ecology, and construction on a wide scale. Geologists, surveyors, mining engineers, and other technical experts around the world choose K-MINE to solve various tasks applying to engineering and scientific fields.