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We as Innovations in Logistics have been manufacturing, selling, renting and servicing Flexible Bulk Containers (FBC) since 1998. The FBC is a unique reusable container with a capacity of up to 14 tons.

Our customers are major manufacturers, traders and carriers of cement, fertilizers, sulphur, alumina, biofuels and other products.
We help these companies to open new markets, solve complex logistical problems, save on transport, handling and storage costs, and ultimately make their businesses more sustainable and efficient.
In some cases, savings can be as high as 50 per cent comparing to over other types of packaging.

Numerous tests and international certificates confirm the reliability of our Flexible Bulk Containers. More than 30 million tons of cargo have already been transported with our containers and the number of logistics projects is increasing every year.
Our containers are equally successful in sea, river, rail and road transport.

Important advantages and features of FBCs are water tightness, easy storage, intermodality, high loading and unloading speed, possibility to transport hazardous materials, easy transition from other types of containers and storage methods.

Our services and co-operation options:
1. Long-term rental and leasing of FBCs
2. Sale of FBCs
3. Services for transporting, transshipment and storage of bulk materials in flexible bulk containers
4.Service maintenance of FBCs