Daniyar Kauldashev


Solutions Consultant

Daniyar Kauldashev is the mining engineer consulter in RPMGlobal based in Kazakhstan. He is a fully qualified Mining Engineer with over 10 years of experience in the mining industry. His experience in consulting and mining companies has enabled him to effectively implement RPMGlobal's solutions in Kazakhstan mining companies and support clients in developing feasible, value-added mining plans over the last 4 years.

Re-defining Compliance Planning Through Data Integration and Ultra Short Term Scheduling

Mining Operations are as varied as the grains of sands on a beach. Every operation is unique in some fashion. The same commodity with identical characteristics can still demand completely different approaches and operations based on geography, leadership, and experience. Despite these differences, there is several commonalities that are found in nearly all mining operations. Every operation needs to prepare a plan for what they will produce and how, and every operation must then also follow this plan up with a reconciliation of how well they performed against this plan. This exercise is not one to be taken lightly as it drives many of the decisions an operation will make in the short and medium term. Despite the critical nature of the reconciliation exercise, the approach and technology applied to formulation of reconciliation is often dated and manual. Technology over the last several years has made it possible to adapt a less reactive, more active role in managing the gap between plan and actual.