20 APRIL 2024  ASTANA 

The Forum was attended by more than 450 executives from 235 companies and organisations from Kazakhstan and 32 countries of Europe, Central Asia, North and Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Australasia.   

At the trade show more than 50 Kazakhstani and international companies exhibited advanced technologies for exploration, production and processing of minerals.  The trade show was visited by about 1000 specialists from Kazakhstan and overseas.  

The 14th Mining and Exploration Forum MINEX Kazakhstan was held on 17-18 April, 2024 in AstanaReflecting current priorities and trends in Kazakhstan, the Forum was organised under the central theme “Sustainable development of the mining industry for the benefit of society and the environment”. The Forum and Exhibition brought together more than 1500 mining industry professionals and investors 

Compared to the previous year, the number and qualitatively composition of the forum participants has changed. In 2024, the Forum registered a record number of foreign investors interested in securing exploration licenses and developing deposits of precious metals, copper, coal, lithium and uranium, as well as rare and rare-earth metals.





During the 14th MINEX Kazakhstan Mining and Exploration Forum held on 17-18 April 2024 in Astana, a 360-degree comprehensive review of the Kazakhstan mining and metallurgical industry took centre stage. This two-day event featured over 100 presentations and fostered discussions on industry development.

Notably, the Forum addressed the “Kazcontent 2.0″ initiative, a government-led effort to boost local industry. Key topics included investment attraction, the geological study of subsoil, and the development of critical mineral deposits—all highlighted in President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s address to the nation. 

Additionally, the Forum incorporated the DigiTech conference, showcasing cutting-edge Industry 4.0 solutions for mining companies to enhance productivity and gain a competitive edge. 

Program of the Forum and Information about the Speakers is available on 


MINEX Kazakhstan

Traditionally, during the Forum, a study was conducted to gauge the expectations of participants regarding the trends and developments in the mining and geological industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Following data collection and analysis, the results will be published around 5 May in the forum materials and disseminated through social networks, NGOs, the media, and other information channels. 

Survey Topics 

Enhanced Drivers for the Advancement of the Mining and Metallurgical Industry in Kazakhstan. 
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Incentives and prospects for acceleration of geological exploration in Central Asia with the participation of national and foreign subsoil users. 
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Funding the next generation of mining projects in Kazakhstan: Policies, Strategies, Experiences. 
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Meeting commitments on the energy transition and climate change. 
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International cooperation in the development of critical raw materials supply chains. 
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Water Management: Doing More with Less. 
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Development of Kazakhstani content in subsoil use. Experience and strategies. 
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Innovating for Smarter and More Efficient Mining 4.0. (sponsored by KaR-Tel (Beeline Business) 
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Technologies and Solutions for Exploration and Drilling and Blasting. 
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Best Sustainability Practices in action. 
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Mine planning. Improving the efficiency and optimisation of mining processes and transportation. 
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Decarbonisation of Mining 
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Enrichment and processing of metals and minerals. Best Practices and Technologies for Enhancement and Recovery. 
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Excellencies, 

Welcome to Astana at the 14th MINEX Kazakhstan Mining and Exploration Forum. Before we begin, I’d like to make a brief statement.

First, I want to express on behalf of MINEX Forum our deepest sympathies to the people of Kazakhstan who are living through the worst in generations flooding caused by adverse climate change effects. Our thoughts are with you. We are sincerely hoping that the worst will be over soon and that the joint efforts of Kazakhstan and its international partners will help to restore the infrastructure and the livelihoods damaged by the icy waters.  

Regretfully, Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia are bearing the negative impact of climate change ahead of other nations. On Monday this week, the representative office of the World Bank in Kazakhstan issued a sobering warning. The climate change is slowing the country’s economy and could reduce its GDP by 1.3% by 2060. In current GDP terms, the state of Kazakhstan will have over 2 billion dollars less to spend on schools, hospitals, security, and infrastructure. Besides flooding Kazakhstan is also facing water scarcity issues. According to the national government, last summer more than 600,000 Kazakhstanis did not have local access to drinking water.  That’s more than 3% of the population. Analysts believe that by 2050, droughts in Central Asia could cause damage of 1.3% of the annual GDP, which in turn will lead to the emergence of five million internal climate migrants.  

To tackle climate change impact, Kazakhstan will have to introduce new policies and measures to do more with less. This also means that Kazakhstan will need to invest in building and rebuilding new water management infrastructure and to integrate new water management technology.   

But let’s now ask ourselves a question of «why are we here»?  Why did we drop everything and flew from over 30 counties to meet here at MINEX Kazakhstan? I believe that for many of you, the answer is simple. We believe that Kazakhstan has tremendous mining potential which we can help to release. We also believe that our discussions at the Forum will matter when it comes to changing mining policies and making economic decisions. 

Back in 2010, when we organised the first MINEX Forum in Astana, the country’s leadership decided to power up the development of the mining & metals industry and to boost the geological exploration of the untapped mineral resources. To achieve this, Kazakhstan’s government lifted the moratorium on issuing new exploration licences and started the reform to reshape the management of its natural resources. As a result, in 2018 Kazakhstan adopted a new Code on Subsoil and Subsoil Use based on the Western Australian model. Later the Government committed to transferring to CRIRSCO standards for reporting its mineral reserves and resources. Coupled with the establishment of the Astana International Financial Centre, Kazakhstan quickly started attracting the attention of international investors.

But as we all well know, what matters is not just promises but the real commitments to invest. From our vantage point of view, Kazakhstan is currently at a crossroads. Will it continue the reform of the mining sector and adhere to the market-driven principles? Or will it take to the footpath to the State control capitalism and the Resource nationalism? I believe speakers presenting at the plenary sessions will offer a comprehensive overview of the status of the mining & geological industry and what opportunities and challenges it faces.

Kazakhstan, rich in copper, uranium, gold, rare earth metals, oil and gas, is becoming the epicentre of a modern version of the “Great Game”. Rising world prices make Kazakhstan’s resources especially valuable, and the strategic interests of the world powers – China, Russia and Western countries – compete fiercely for influence in the region.  In response to these challenges, Kazakhstan needs to develop a multi-layered strategy. Maintaining strategic alliances and developing new international partnerships will allow Kazakhstan to balance the interests of the great powers, preserving its sovereignty and strengthening its position in the international arena.

In the context of the new “Great Game”, the ability to counter hybrid threats and effectively use its resources will determine how successfully Kazakhstan will be able to realise its potential in a changing global economy.

We believe that many of today’s problems and challenges could be resolved. What is important is that we take time and effort to listen to each other. Despite all the differences, we ultimately want the same thing. If the Mining and Metals industry in Kazakhstan does well, so do we.

To conclude, I want to take this opportunity to thank all companies and organisations which are supporting the Forum. We really appreciate this.  

Looking ahead, I want to take this opportunity to invite you to join the 10th MINEX Central Asia Forum we are re-launching on 19-20 June in Bishkek, The Forum will be organised in the cross-regional format offering a joint platform for the practical discussion on the development Central Asia’s critical raw materials and managing climate change. We are grateful to the leadership of Kyrgyz Republic for supporting this initiative.