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Xcalibur Smart Mapping - your strategic partner for country mapping, looking to accelerate the world to a just energy transition by using our solutions and technologies to find critical minerals and Hydrogen.

We offer natural resource mapping (mining, oil & gas, underground water and geothermal) to, sustainably, unlock the hidden wealth of the Earth and facilitate the decision-making processes of our clients. Serving mainly the oil & gas, mining, government, energy, and utility markets, Xcalibur's global client portfolio ranges between public and private sectors including Major and Junior companies and organizations.

Xcalibur's geophysical service offer covers full range technologies in Airborne Geophysics (Magnetics and Radiometrics, Gravity Gradiometry, Electromagnetics, Gravity), Marine (Gravity and Magnetics), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

With more than 1400 projects executed, over 50 million linear kilometers of collected data, a fleet of 240 owned specialized aircraft, 85 geophysical systems, and a team more than 300 highly qualified employees, Xcalibur continues to execute projects with safety, sustainability, technological innovation, operational excellence, and cost efficiency at the center of its core values.

Distributed in 15 office locations around the world, with main headquarters in Spain, an effective, multi-disciplinary management team leads an experienced group of geophysicists, geologists, pilots, engineers, operational, commercial, and administrative staff.