Siberian School of Geosciences

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The Siberian School of Geosciences (SSG) is the first research institute to be part of INRTU. Within the same building there are laboratories, a campus, and small classrooms for students to study and work independently, available 24/7. The main focus of SSG's research and practice is the development of methodology and technology for exploration and protection of mineral resources, but with an emphasis on the complex natural and geological conditions and the logic of junior business development. The School's professors and researchers approach the issue comprehensively - from the scientific basis of geological prediction, which is handled by the Department of Ore Geology (Head Alexander Budyak), to new measuring systems, flying and floating robotic complexes, software, mathematical methods of processing "big geodata". New technologies are being created by the departments of geophysics (Head Yury Davydenko) and geo-informatics (Alexander Parshin). The SSG team carries out a lot of research and fieldwork, including field studies from the Far East to the Urals and from the Arctic Circle to South-East Asia, as the school's development doctrine presupposes the testing of developments as part of ongoing geological prospecting and experimental methodological work. At present, SSG specialises in complex exploration projects for ore minerals, but is also engaged in hydrogeological surveys, environmental and geochemical studies, laboratory studies of rocks and ores and processing of geodata. The school is ready to perform geochemical, geophysical and geological works as a whole or individually and has everything necessary for this. SSG implements original educational programs of three types: Individual educational directions for specialist and bachelor students of the Subsoil Institute and other institutes of INRTU, implemented under the guidance of both experienced and young SSG researchers. IT in Geology Research Master’s degree ( Postgraduate study in geoinformatics, geophysics, geochemistry and geochemical prospecting methods, and geoecology. The Siberian School of Geosciences is located at Lermontova Street 89, Irkutsk.