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GEODEVICE develops, manufactures, supplies equipment and software for geophysical surveys on land, at sea, in boreholes and on rock samples. The key areas of our own developments are  borehole seismic, DC and AC electrical prospecting, high and ultra-high resolution marine seismic, magnetic, and gamma radiation detection. We focus on technologies for studying the upper part of the section, surveying engineering structures, geotechnical monitoring and geophysical support for archaeological and environmental surveys. Some of our products such as magnetometers  can also be used for deep studies in the framework of exploration for solid minerals, oil & gas, search for geothermal sources and regional studies. The equipment we supply operates on all continents, including Antarctica. Offices in 4 countries and ever-growing global representative’s network provide sales and worldwide service and support for our products. Production facilities allow to perform almost all the necessary stages of equipment manufacturing: from machining to quality control.