Holger Krohmer


Sales Engineer
Becker Mining Systems

Began my career as a civil engineer in an engineering office, then joined the mining industry.
20 + years’ experience in
- civil engineering projects
- environmental protection projects
- mining projects
mainly in Europe and CIS countries

Pitch track 3 (Trade Show)
17 April 2024 / 16:00 - 17:30 | Sary Arka 1

Digitising the underground space with Smartflow

About Us
With six decades of pioneering solutions, we redefine connectivity and communication in mining. Experience the future of mining technology with Becker Mining Systems.

From Germany to the World
Becker Mining Systems is a system supplier for the mining infrastructure, headquartered in Saarbrücken, Germany. With over 1,500 employees in every essential mining region, the family-owned company sells its products to the leading mining companies in the world. In addition to Germany, Becker Mining Systems is also represented by its own subsidiaries in France, Poland, Russia, China, South Africa, Australia, the United States, Canada, Mexico and Chile. Since the middle of the 1980s, Becker Mining Systems has followed a consistent internationalisation and diversity strategy and has thus countered the receding mining market in its home country.

The Mining Technology Innovator
Safety, productivity and efficiency in underground operations are the factors that determine competitiveness in the international resource markets. Our technology strengthens this competitive edge because only those that use the best available technology can achieve the best results in production and profitability.  Our experienced engineers and technicians know what it takes underground. Many of them have worked underground for a period of time and seen many different types of operations. Our team is dedicated to tackling your challenges and providing the right solutions.

The Products
The products of Becker Mining Systems provide solutions for higher safety and efficiency in to the mining sector. They are divided into two segments - Electrical and Mechanical.