Business networking


The MINEX Kazakhstan Forum greatly enhances the opportunity for attendees to connect with individuals sharing similar interests and professional goals.

Business matching

The MINEX Kazakhstan Forum greatly enhances the opportunity for attendees to connect with individuals sharing similar interests and professional goals. This is primarily facilitated by the use of a specialized web application and an innovative 1-2-1 meeting planning technology. The web application is designed to cater to the specific interests and professional backgrounds of the participants, making it easier to identify and connect with like-minded individuals.

Networking events

Networking plays a crucial role in the MINEX Kazakhstan Forum, offering various opportunities for participants to connect and engage. Whether browsing the exhibition, enjoying refreshments during coffee breaks and lunch, or raising a glass at the dedicated Networking Drinks, conversation and connection are always at the forefront. The pinnacle of social engagement is the Awards Gala Dinner, where participants gather to celebrate achievements and forge lasting bonds.

Plan meetings with other participants

Step 1: Create a Personal Profile

Create your personal profile adding photos, positions, bio, interests, social media links and offers to other participants.

Step 2: Pland ahead or ad-hoc meetings with other participants

Access the list of event participants. Search for specific people using keywords (position, education, interests, etc.).

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Shortlist the people you want to meet by adding them to your favourite list. Send a message offering to schedule a meeting before, during or after the event. Schedule, reschedule, or cancel meetings with other participants with the option to select a time, physical place, or virtual option. All messages and meeting requests are sent in-app and copied to your registered email.

Smart name badge

In line with our commitment to reducing environmental impact at all MINEX Forum events, we are excited to introduce Smart name badges with E-Business cards for all participants. These eco-friendly badges are printed on biodegradable material and feature a QR code that links to securely encrypted personal accounts on the MINEX Kazakhstan Forum website. Participants can create rich profiles within the web application, including photos, short bios (up to 200 words), contact information (phone, email, postal address), and links to social media.

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Here’s how the badge works:

  1. Scan the QR code: Other participants can scan the QR code on your badge using their phone’s camera.
  2. Access your profile: If their phone has an internet connection, they’ll be directed to your online profile, where they can view your contact information, bio, links, and more.
  3. Save your information: They can choose to save your profile as an HTML file or a VCF file (which can be imported into address books like MS Outlook).
  4. Control your privacy: You have control over what information is displayed on your profile through your online account.
  5. Use beyond the Forum: Your profile will remain active for 3 months after the Forum, and you’re encouraged to use your badge at other events.
Networking Platform

Enhance your networking effectiveness with our specialized networking platform.

As the Forum dates approach, participants will be invited to establish profiles within the Forum’s web application.

Moreover, beyond spontaneous meetings, attendees will gain access to a dedicated networking platform. Here, they can easily discover individuals who share common interests and arrange meetings efficiently through a one-on-one meeting scheduler.

Among numerous advantages, the networking platform sponsor enjoys the exclusive privilege of enhancing brand visibility and sending mass invitations to participants to meet at their booth or take part in the presentation at the Forum.

Social networks

Interact and engage with other participants by joining MINEX Forum social media groups * on LinkedIn, X and Facebook.


  • Interact with attendees and speakers in private groups before, during, and after the Forum.
  • Post opinions, articles, photos and videos related to the Forum topics.
  • Showcase your projects, services, and products.
  • Leave comments and likes.
  • Participate in private online meetings and discussions.
  • Get access to exclusive content.