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Institute of Geotechnologies LLC, IGT-Service LLC and IGT-Sky Group LLC are part of the IGT Group.

All enterprises are private, not affiliated with any state or industrial group, and specialize in the search for mineral resources and subsoil exploration.

The Group's companies are residents of the Moscow State University Science Park. M. V. Lomonosov.

Our strengths: multidisciplinary qualifications and experience, the use of non-standard solutions when performing geological exploration work, knowledge and successful application of the world's best geological exploration practices obtained through close interaction with the world's leading mining, consulting and engineering companies.

Goals of the IGT Group

  • Identification of the most promising search objects;
  • Reduction of geological risks at the initial stages of work;
  • Increasing the speed of processing incoming information through the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems;
  • Development of a set of software products for integrating geological features using neural networks;
  • Development of an algorithm for identifying mineral deposits using a reduced volume of primary geological information;

 Geological targeting

  • An expanded complex that combines desk and field research methods to obtain a more reliable geological assessment of the selected object at the initial stages of prospecting and assessment work and allows to significantly reduce geological risk.
  • The complex allows you to increase the reliability of the forecast using a reduced volume of primary geological information and reduce the period of prospecting and assessment work in the licensed area by 2 years, reduce risks, and optimize the budget.

 Geological support of projects

  • Development of projects and programs for prospecting and exploration, quality control of drilling operations, geological documentation of well cores and mine workings;
  • Geotechnical documentation of oriented well cores and data processing for subsequent geological and structural mapping;
  • Partners are leading Russian organizations specializing in geochemical prospecting, ground-based and airborne geophysical surveys.

 Interpretation, multispectral and lineament analysis of space images

  • Analysis of multispectral satellite survey materials and performance of lineament analysis using specialized licensed software, including those developed at IGT;
  • Using a special algorithm, the most informative satellite sensing data is selected, taking into account the survey season, the spectral ranges used and approaches to combining them for color synthesis;
  • Lineament analysis is performed for geological and structural mapping of the study areas and is one of the most important elements in remote sensing methods for focusing exploration work on identifying potential mineral deposits in the most promising areas;
  • An important advantage of the combination of these methods is the possibility of information “covering” a large study area (hundreds of km²).

 Multifunctional unmanned aircraft

  • Application of UAVs to solve problems of geological and structural mapping;
  • LIDAR technologies have made it possible to increase the accuracy of geological and structural mapping of specified objects;
  • Implemented projects have proven the effectiveness of using modern digital methods for detailing the surface under study when searching for ore deposits.

 Development of our own software products for geological exploration

  • GeoLog Assist – using an optical recognition algorithm and deep machine learning, a program has been developed for automatic documentation of well cores, drill cuttings, thin sections, natural and man-made rock outcrops;
  • GeoTarget Lineament+ - automatic interpretation of lineaments and their structural interpretation based on remote sensing materials (satellite images and images obtained using UAVs);
  • Gnome Assist – semi-automatic vectorization of geological maps of different generations with the possibility of machine learning;
  • SOVA – decoding and interpretation of detailed satellite and aerial photographs obtained using UAVs, with further implementation of multispectral analysis – identification of spectral anomalies caused by the presence of ore objects;
  • Teis – automatic calculation of hydrogeodynamic parameters of aquifers;
  • Regim – calculation of static and hydrodynamic parameters of aquifers.


We offer cooperation

  • Clients: mining companies (precious and non-ferrous metals), subsoil users - holders of licenses for prospecting and exploration of metals;
  • Service geological exploration companies interested in cooperation and companies implementing similar algorithms for performing prospecting work on a reduced amount of primary information;
  • Clients aimed at more efficient spending of funds, especially at the initial stages of geological prospecting work;
  • Investors who are looking for options to improve the efficiency of investments in ore projects;
  • Partners, to continue the development of a digital automated system for predictive identification of promising ore objects and preliminary economic assessment of poorly studied areas or territories of the Earth.


 Our contacts

119234, Russia, Moscow, Leninskie Gory street, 1, building 77

Tel.: +7 (495) 246-85-54

Mobile phone: +7 (916) 841-44-99 (Whatsapp)



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