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Exploration Services


Two Key LLP provides professional support to subsoil users in developing exploration and production projects. Over 20 years of operation, the company has become one of the leaders among engineering and consulting enterprises in the field of mining and economic engineering and consulting. We offer a range of turnkey services for the development of new and existing projects, developing customised and cost-effective solutions for all project phases. As a full-fledged alternative to our client’s internal resources, we offer a comprehensive package of our services involving experienced experts, including obtaining turnkey subsoil use rights, permits and approvals; environmental regulations; geological reports; reports on mineral resources and mineral reserves (estimation of reserves); the audit of reserves and resources, as well as the development of all types of design documentation (pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, EIA, exploration and production plans/projects, etc.). Over the past few years, Two Key has successfully completed more than 50 projects on subsoil use, both for exploration and production, has estimated and approbated reserves in the SRC for three unique ore objects (copper, uranium, tungsten), and today the company is also exploring deposits of anthracite, tin, polymetals, gold, and copper.