Daniil Nuzhnyy


Chief specialist

Daniil Alekseevich presents industry solutions of SIBUR  Oil and Gas Refining and Production Division.
Experience in the largest industrial companies in both Russia and foreign countries (SIBUR, ESAB, NLMK, ROSATOM)
One of the main tasks of the Oil and Gas Processing Division is comprehensive interaction with mining companies to develop interaction formats and introduce into their work polymer solutions and other products produced at SIBUR enterprises, which will improve the efficiency of enterprises, increase the percentage of mineral extraction, reduce production losses and ensure stable growth and development of SIBUR partners.

Pitch track 1 (Trade Show)
17 April 2024 / 11:30 - 13:00 | Sary Arka 1

SIBUR product offer for the mining industry

SIBUR is the largest integrated petrochemical company in Russia, a leader in the production of organic synthesis products. SIBUR products are used in many sectors of the economy around the world: construction, food industry, medicine and pharmaceuticals, agriculture, automotive industry and others.
For companies engaged in the extraction and processing of solid minerals, SIBUR offers solutions to increase the efficiency and profitability of technological processes, as well as to ensure import substitution.

SIBUR's offerings include:

• Reagents for dust suppression
• Flotation reagents and flotation suppressors
• Anti-freezing and anti-caking reagents
• Drilling fluids
• Components for emulsion explosives (EME)
• Lining solutions
• Solutions for conveyor belts
• Rubbers for heavy-duty equipment tires
• Polymer solutions, including polymer supports, ampoules, composite reinforcement, etc.
• Solutions for water treatment