Pitch track 3 (Trade Show)

Pitch track 3 (Trade Show)

16:00– 17:30 / 17 April 2024   - Sary Arka 1

Sustainable solutions for the mining industry

16:00 - Digitising the underground space with Smartflow

Holger Krohmer
Sales Engineer
Becker Mining Systems

16:15 - Safe, innovative and sustainable geosynthetic solutions for the mining industry: Advantages of the new PLUS products.

Andy Post
Business Development & Key Account Manager Mining

16:30 - Krux Analytics: driving sustainable practices through drilling optimisation.

Jennifer Biddlecombe
Director for EMEA
Krux Analytics

16:45 - Steeper, deeper, faster: rock support technologies for efficient mining in difficult conditions

Amirzhan Tynybayev
Sales Engineer

17:00 - Ventilation in mine workings: Increasing economy and efficiency at all stages

Denis Narozhnyi
Director of the Industrial Equipment Department

17:15 - Innovative methods of drilling and casing for vertical shafts

Oleg Chernyshov
Production Director
Master DETRA