Pavel Chentsov


Digital Transformation Expert
Step Change Global

Pavel has 15-years of profound experience in Integrated Operations and Integrated Planning implementation for Oil & Gas and Mining companies located in CIS and Middle East. Projects delivered by high-performance teams under his leadership enabled companies to benefit from proper business processes analysis, design/redesign and automation, ensured production improvement. Being an independent SME he laid the ground for further advancement in compliance with current and prospective industrial technological and organizational trends for more than 5 major companies located in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and UAE.

DigiTech’24 Conference (Session 1)
18 April 2024 / 09:15 - 11:00 | Sary Arka 3

Business processes as a backbone of the digital transformation

The formation of strategic goals, development and justification of individual projects of business administration in general and production processes in particular should be aligned with prospective directions of industry development, as well as with evolving trends of information gathering and processing technologies. Under modern conditions the process of digital transformation becomes the basis to enhance company's production efficiency enabling identification and automation of routine operations, and ensuring experienced engineering staff being focused on the analytical tasks.

One of the key lessons learnt by Stepchange Global from it's almost than a 20-year track record in Oil and Gas and Mining industries, is that proper identification and implementation of the right processes to be deployed and carried out in the Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) could bring significant value. The scope of the IOC functions includes a wide range of analytical tasks such as field operations planning and scheduling, engineering support and production optimisation. Therefore, IOC should manage field activities remaining responsibility for planning and surveillance efficiency analysis of the field operations while field staff should be in charge of the work physically executed on-site.

The presentation “Business processes as a backbone of the digital transformation” will cover the following topics with practical examples of the cutting-edge Mining and Oil and Gas experience:

• how to define the right business processes and functions to be performed in the IOC.
• on what level the functions should be described and aligned with corporate organisational and business role structure.
• How the functions should be analysed to prioritise and schedule the consequence of the most effective digital initiatives.