DigiTech’24 Conference (Session 1)


DigiTech’24 Conference (Session 1)

09:15– 11:00 / 18 April 2024   - Sary Arka 3

Innovating for Smarter and More Efficient Mining 4.0.

Session sponsor: Beeline Business

The mining industry's future hinges on relentless innovation, crucial for reducing costs and enhancing value. The advent of Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing this sector, significantly boosting operational efficiency, productivity, and safety. This technological leap is not just about integrating new tools; it's a transformative process that redefines the roles of technology in production processes and reshapes job functions within a modernised organisational structure. Industry 4.0's impact extends beyond mere automation, empowering employees with more meaningful and sophisticated work while aligning with evolving societal expectations. Smart mining's success thus depends on the strategic implementation of these technologies, ensuring they complement and enhance the human elements of the industry while meeting the demands of a rapidly changing global market.

Vyacheslav Khvan
Head of Key Account Development
KaR-Tel (Beeline Business)

09:15 - Presentation of a new project on Private LTE (dedicated wireless LTE enterprise network)

Vyacheslav Khvan
Head of Key Account Development
KaR-Tel (Beeline Business)

09:30 - Digital transformation: increasing efficiency and profits in the mining business

Sergey Nazaryan
Deputy CEO for Operational Excellence
Eastern Mining Company

09:45 - Parametric modeling and mine design

Alexey Shmonov
Senior Manager Industry Services
Dassault Systemes

10:00 - Business processes as a backbone of the digital transformation

Pavel Chentsov
Digital Transformation Expert
Step Change Global

10:15 - Optimizing Concentrate Plant Performance with Advanced Process Control Solutions

Nikolai Polshin
Sales Support Manager, Flotation & Automation

10:30 - Geological exploration project management for silver-polymetallic deposits

Ekaterina Zakandykina
Managing partner
AGR Software

10:45 - The Future of Mining in Industry 4.0: AI-Powered Drone Solutions

Vipul Singh
Co-founder and CEO