Session 1 (MINEX Kazakhstan’24)


Session 1 (MINEX Kazakhstan’24)

14:00– 15:30 / 17 April 2024   - Sary Arka 2

Funding the next generation of mining projects in Kazakhstan: Policies, Strategies, Experiences

Kazakhstan's strategic position and rich natural resources are key attractions for foreign direct investment (FDI) in its mining and metallurgical industry. Legal reforms, particularly in subsoil use, have opened doors for new investors. The nation's shift to CRIRSCO (KazRC) international standards is set to further attract FDI. The uranium and critical materials are becoming the "new oil" enabling the transition to a green economy. However, the production of these materials in Kazakhstan will require investments and long-term commitments on the part of the state, subsoil users, investors, and local governments. What advantages does Kazakhstan offer to foreign investors to develop exploration, production, and processing projects? What opportunities does the national financial market offer to mining and exploration companiesHow has the increase in mineral extraction tax rates affected the industry and its investment attractiveness as a whole? The session will explore experiences and perspectives from both Kazakh and international companies involved in mining projects within the country. 

Nikolai Yenshin

14:00 - EBRD's new Mining Sector Strategy for 2024-2028

Akop Kagramanyan
Principal Banker, Natural Resources
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

14:15 - Investment attractiveness of Kazakhstan and Central Asia in new realities.

Berik Togambayev
VP Finance
Laurus Capital Management

14:30 - Promotion of the KAZRC Code in the mining industry of Kazakhstan

George Freiman
Chairman of the Executive Committee
Professional Association of Independent Subsoil Experts - PONEN

14:45 - Investment opportunities in the mining and metallurgical sector

Bauyrzhan Aitkulov
Director Project Department

Timothy Bennett
Chairman of the Board
Astana International Exchange

Stefan Mueller

Didier J. Rault
Founder & CEO
World Mining Investment (WMI)

Stefan Scholz