Pitch track 4 (Trade Show)

Pitch track 4 (Trade Show)

09:00– 11:00 / 18 April 2024   - Sary Arka 1

Geological, Aero Geophysical and Geotechnical solutions

09:00 - New technologies of Geodevice Company for geophysical surveys.

Kirill Bazhin
Geodevice Kazakhstan

09:15 - Geological and geotechnical support of drilling operations. Consulting services for geological exploration.

Evgeniy Uvarov
Chief Geologist
Geo Poisk

09:30 - Potential field measurement techniques using unmanned aerial systems

Alexander Simakov
Chief geophysicist, UAS division
Radar mms

09:45 - The Role of Airborne EM in Modern Multi-method Aerogeophysical Surveys for Ore Deposit Exploration

Pavel Babayants
Chief geophysist
GNPP Aerogeophysica

10:00 - Mud Master - legends destroyers

Ainura Adilova
Mud Master

10:15 - UAV technologies for mining companies

Alexander Luchnikov
Leading geophysicist
AGT Systems Vostok

10:30 - Will GeoLog Assist Be Able to Replace the Logging Geologist?

Dmitry Sivkov
Head of GIS department, geologist
IGT Group