Session 8 (MINEX Kazakhstan’24)


Session 8 (MINEX Kazakhstan’24)

16:00– 17:30 / 18 April 2024   - Sary Arka 3

Enrichment and processing of metals and minerals. Best Practices and Technologies for Enhancement and Recovery.

  • Integrated approaches to mineral processing and processing. 
  • Geological surveys as a basis for optimising enrichment processes. 
  • New methods of beneficiation of refractory and low-grade ores. 
  • Energy-efficient recovery of high-value minerals from waste stockpiles and tailings.
  • Use of biomass and environmentally friendly materials in enrichment processes. 
  • Application of automation and artificial intelligence in the process of ore scanning and enrichment. 
  • New Methods of Analysis and Quality Control of Enrichment Process. 

Tony Thornton
Independent Consultant

16:00 - Potential for Metal Recovery from Historic Tailings Retreatment

Alan Clarke
Technical Director
Wardell Armstrong International

16:15 - Sustainable Tailings Management

David Geovanis

16:30 - Holistic performance monitoring and optimisation for smart, efficient and sustainable mining

Galymzhan Nurlanov
General Manager

16:45 - Sensor Based Sorting For Mineral Processing. How to increase efficiency of a mining operation which aligns with ESG principles.

Pawel Semeczko
Area Sales Manager Eastern Europe, Central Asia & Mongolia

17:00 - Passive SONAR - leading flow monitoring technology for slurries

Esko Tahkola
Business Development Manager, Europe
CiDRA Minerals Processing