James Cleverley


Operations Manager – Minerals, Europe
IMDEX Limited

I am a Brit who lived in Australia for 18 years. Following a move from Australia back to the UK in mid-2019 I have shifted my role in IMDEX from R&D in Product Management into a customer facing operational business unit. Now based in the UK with a focus on the Europe region, I continue to contribute globally with our internal product and ops teams, and global clients where they benefit from my expertise or insight. I am especially focused on delivering next generation, smart, connected technologies to help provide near-real time decision support in mining and exploration geoscience characterisation. If discovery can be more efficient, and mining can be more sustainable, I have achieved my goal. My passion and drive to execute this thinking has led to me being invited to present at many of the key global forums for the minerals industry, being recognised amongst many in exploration as a leader in In-Field analysis and data connected hardware technology alongside data analysis.

My technical background is grounded in fundamental and applied hydrothermal geochemistry, spatial analytics and 3D modelling, data analysis, machine learning, and geological characterisation research as applied to improving the operational performance of mining and exploration. My career includes senior research roles in universities and CSIRO, and a strong track record in scientific and general publications. I am a keen advocate and thought leader for the challenges and potential solutions that the minerals industry will face when moving to an ESG-driven, digital business with widespread access to near-real time data, especially during drilling, sampling, and geological logging.

Session 3 (MINEX Kazakhstan’24)
17 April 2024 / 16:00 - 17:30 | Sary Arka 2

Technology in an AI world to Find, Define and Mine sustainable Critical Minerals

The world is transitioning energy sources at the same time as an industry revolution centred on Artificial Intelligence. How will the mineral industry navigate these transitions and what types of technology and workflows will geoscience teams need to be aware of. Can technology in an AI world address some of the challenges in finding, defining, and mining these critical resources? This talk will touch on examples of how connected hardware and software platform technologies can be used in the various parts of the mining lifecycle and highlight the shift in the way our teams will need to work in the future.