Session 2 (MINEX Kazakhstan’24)


Session 2 (MINEX Kazakhstan’24)

14:00– 15:30 / 17 April 2024   - Sary Arka 3

Meeting commitments on the energy transition and climate change.

In Central Asia, and specifically in Kazakhstan, mining industry faces the urgent need to adopt climate change strategies due to the region's accelerated warming rate. The Harvard University research paper highlights the importance of energy diversification in tackling climate change and catering to the increasing energy demands. For mining companies, energy expenses represent about 30% of their total operational costs. Implementing efficient energy management can lead to significant reductions in energy usage, with potential savings of 15-20% at existing facilities and up to 50% for new mine designs. Encouraging investment in clean energy necessitates a commitment to long-term planning. The challenge of addressing these issues effectively lies in the collaboration between mining companies, legislative bodies, and state regulators, ensuring a coordinated approach towards sustainable energy use and climate change mitigation in the mining sector. 

David Pearce
Corporate Consultant (Operational Efficiency)
SRK Consulting (UK)

14:00 - A Journey to Decarbonisation Through an Integrated Approach to Sustainability in Mining, Minerals & Metals

Yevgeniy Gritsenko
Head of Segments for Central Asia
Schneider Electric

14:15 - Decarbonization of Mining

David Pearce
Corporate Consultant (Operational Efficiency)
SRK Consulting (UK)

14:30 - Decarbonisation of underground mines

Chris Bray
Principal Consultant (Mining Engineering)
SRK Consulting (UK)

14:45 - Sustainable and responsible copper production in Kazakhstan

Oleg Telnoi
Business Development Director
Central Asia Metals

15:00 - Energy saving as a tool for industrial modernization

Tolegen Omarbekov
Chairman of the Board
Electric power and energy saving development institute