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ROSGEO Kazakhstan is a multidisciplinary specialized geological exploration enterprise, it carries out a full cycle of geological exploration for all types of minerals and mineral raw materials from forecasting and prospecting work to detailed exploration, comprehensive analysis of geological samples, protection of reports in the State Commission for Reserves and preparation of mineral deposits for extraction and exploitation.

The enterprise's geological service is equipped with modern computer equipment and software for creating electronic maps, modelling geological processes, and drawing up new-generation reports.

In addition to geological exploration, the company carries out design, geological and economic assessment and feasibility study of conditions, calculation of reserves and predicted mineral resources at all stages of the geological exploration process.

Currently, on the territory of Kazakhstan, the company is implementing geological exploration projects for rare earth metals, iron ores, gold, etc., searching and exploring groundwater, constructing hydrogeological production wells in fields, and is also actively engaged in drilling and development of exploration and production facilities. hydrogeological wells for industrial purposes with geological support.